1c.. Mass For Six Colours. 1st paper work.jpg
1a. Mass For Six Colours, 1st canvas resized 12low res.jpg
1b. Mass For Six Colours. 2nd canvas resize 12 low res.jpg
1e.. Mass For Six Colours. 3rd paper Work resize 4.jpg

This diptych deals with change and journey. The right canvas places the face horizontally as if floating against a sea, drifting, carrying perfection and imperfection. The voice inside constantly appears, interfering with internal concepts. The voice is always linked, sometimes silent, sometimes not. Being pulled along are formed and unformed tilted squares. Two of them are prisoners of their own making. The second half of the broken horizontal main colour line forms the broken cross. It comes apart and at some future time will join together again. Another cross is symbolised on the right penetrating the landscape. Everything is apart but joined. Everything is disjointed but connected. But you know something is missing. And you want to journey for it. You want to find out what is outside you that makes you. You need to travel to the left hand canvas. You need to unblock, find out and travel outside yourself. Move into the second canvas. Penetrate into order, harmony and self judgement. First puzzle is to unlock the landscape and keep the seas apart. Journey behind yourself, view yourself from behind your head. Let go. Ground yourself. Now make the voice inside operate on the outside and free it. No more circles, no more going around and around, the squares are coming. Second puzzle is to square the circles. The cross comes back together again. Infinite possibilities are with us. So you cannot journey out until you journey in and your cannot journey in until you journey out. There is no black without white and no emptiness without fullness.

THE PILGRIMAGE. DIPTYCH. Oils On Canvas. Each 72" x 50". POA

MASS FOR SIX COLORS AND THREE SILENT VOICES. Oils and Acrylic on 2 Canvasses each 60" x 60" and 3 paper works each 30" x 30".

The viewer seeks an exit point, caught up in the machines geometric colour we progress to freedom of spirit without restraint.  In this process we have to be careful not to become part of the machine itself. It is in the silence of ourselves that we discover great things. POA