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AN ANALOGUE MAN IN A DIGITAL WORLD No 2. The Conversation.  Triptych. Oils on canvas.

24" x 24". 24" x 24".50" x 24".

I am real. this is me

Of course you know you are not real. I mean just look at your shadows.

I am real. This is me. I am a model.

Prove it.

Why should I prove it.

I am the celebrity. This is me. I know who me is.

There is a difference between reality and truth.

But I am real. I have been here forever. This is my world.

For you it is real but the truth is what the majority says it is. Not what you think it is.

My friend BILD says Im real. I believe her not you.

Yes you do believe me. I am your voice. The one inside. The one that always talks to you.

I shall tell you to shut up.

You cant. I will not let you. Besides where would you be without me.

Look at my body.

You dont have a body

Yes I do. Its just a sheet of colour with no arms or legs. You only have me. Your inner voice.

So where are you then.

I am next to you. I am in yopu. I am outside you.


I can never shut up. I am your friend. I am you.

I hate you.

No. you hate yourself.

But the whole world is here. I can see it. I am in it. I do things. I am a celebrity.

You dont do anything. Its in your mind or rather its in me.


What year is it then.

Its 1959.

No its not.

Yes it is. Its March.

No its 2012 and its the summer.

But you said Im not real.

I didnt say you werent something. I said you are not real.

I am real. I am 5ft 9 inches tall and I weigh 110lb. I am beautiful.

You are thin.

No Im not.

Yes youy are. You only have an 18 inch waist and your bmi is 16.24

I am not skinny. I am perfect.

You have been created. You have been painted. You have been made. The only real you is in the minds of others.

Prove it.


Why not.

The world does not need another model. We have enough already. So why should we need you.

I could be the perfect one. I could influence everybody. All the women would want to be like me. Everybody will love me. But you are not real.

I am. Iam. Promise me I am.

I promise.

Promise you wont leave me.

I promise I wont leave you. I am always part of you.

Even in this confined space.

Yes. even here.

Forever. -Yes. Forever.





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Oils on canvas. 74" x 56". full image top and detail left.