with 7 canvasses
bottom painting low res
the great6 service painting low res
the great service top paint with col vlow res
dildo gunr l
dildo gunr 2
great service top left canvas
see my friends low res
jell beans 1
3rd disciple
photo equations good low res
2nd row canvas no 3
2nd row canvas no2low res

shells. lipsticks. bacteria. jellybeans. games. circuits. friends. enemies. symbols. labyrinths. mazes. blind. faith. love. cross. maths. god. birthday. home. lord. presence. music. grass. kill. live. devil. me. you. exit. family. man. woman. child. planet. animal. group. survival. book. war. plane. shadow. truth. reality. injection. violence. self. ego. stress. reality. web. deceit. do. be.

life. humility. weapon. knife. gun. passenger. heavy. sun. paint. geometry. history. service. disciple. follower. leader. zero. one. digital. analogue. past. future. now. enough. good. bad.

taught. school. disease. cure. lost. find. word. talk. silence. alive. die. begining. end. science. respect. vision. night. day. sea. wood. trick. risk. civilisation. tomorrow. great. low. high. way. entrance. space. blank. nothing. everything. us. slow. fast. still. calm. riot. disturb. universe. equation. baby. adult. walk. repeat. great. little. being. sweets. together. apart. think. end. and.



Oils and acrylic on 24 canvasses.


12  40" x 40".

4  60" x 50"

2  60" x 20"

2  32" x 22"

1  72" x 52"

1  48" x 25"

1  35" x 30"

1  30" x 10"



An ongoing work representing humanity from childhood to death when all becomes grass.









34 feet by 14feet plus free space for installation.

thanks to my grandchildren Jacob and Ollie for the use of their stickmen drawings.